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Learn consent.
embody consent.
create consent.


Teaching consent can be challenging and awkward. Talking about consent violations and how to avoid them can be stressful and triggering. We make it easier!


 We offer engaging and interactive exercises that teach the basics of consent in a fun and age appropriate way for teens and tweens. Young people come away with practical skills and tools to improve all of their interactions for years to come.


Let us help you create a culture of consent in your class or youth group, with the Consent Culture Intro Workshop.


Our book, Creating Consent Culture: A Handbook for Educators, is available for order now ... 

Creating Consent Culture Book


What do participants learn in the workshop? What is consent? What is consent culture? Find out more about these concepts and how we teach them. 


Whether you would like to learn more about how to present the workshop yourself, become one of our certified facilitators, or hire a facilitator, find out more here.

New!! Consent Lesson Plans!!

Easy to follow, Fun and interactive lesson plans that teach your students essential consent skills and improve your classroom culture

March Workshops!

Join me at Earth Labs in San Fransisco on March 23rd for two hours of fun and learning!

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“There are certain events, conversations and interactions that profoundly impact how we show up and have the ability to change our perception of the world. This was my experience with the Consent Culture Intro Workshop.” 

~ Danyale Thomas, Life Coach 

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