Experience the

Train the trainer workshop

Designed for Non Instructional and Professional Development Days. Our one day trainings allow you to become more familiar with how to lead the workshop most effectively, so that you can spread consent education lessons throughout the school year. Become an ongoing resource for creating consent culture in your schools or groups.

Consent education
is not
one and done

The skills of consent need to be learned on an embodied level and then practiced, practiced, practiced. We want youth to feel confident in using these tools before they have to navigate high risk interactions. By learning to teach these skills in a fun and interactive way, it will become easier for you to integrate this essential learning into your ongoing daily lessons.

What happens in the workshop?

In the morning you will have the opportunity to experience the Consent Culture Intro Workshop. In the afternoon we will unpack our experiences and  discuss how to navigate different scenarios that could arise when you yourself facilitate the interactive exercises. We'll go over the do's and don'ts, and make sure that you feel confident to share the material with your students.

Classroom Lecture