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Find a certified  workshop facilitator near you

We may have a certified facilitator of the Consent culture Intro workshop Near you!

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Monica Reyna


Area: Based in Hailey, Idaho

How far will travel: Across Idaho, Northern Utah, Western Montana, Eastern Oregon

Monica Reyna (she/her) serves as the Violence Prevention Coordinator at The Advocates for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Hailey, ID. In her role, she supervises a youth leadership program and facilitates healthy relationship education in local classrooms. Monica believes that everyone has a role in ending violence in their communities, and that when we work together we have the power to change our culture and world. She loves cats, coffee, and hiking in the Sawtooth Mountains. Monica received her Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Idaho. She has an MA in Sociology from Loyola University Chicago, with a focus on Applied and Public Sociology.

Sarah Anne Trivett(They/them)


Area: Vancouver, BC


How far will travel: across BC, Yukon, Washington and Alberta


Sarah Anne (they/she) has been facilitating anti-violence workshops for kids and teens since 2016. They are a Registered Clinical Counselor and Somatic Experiencing practitioner in private practice with previous experience as a counselor in the feminist anti-violence sector. Sarah Anne is  excited about co-creating a more consensual culture in her workshops and beyond. She sees this work as a system-defying, radical act of love. Sarah Anne has a bachelor's degree in Social Work from the University of Victoria and a master’s in Counseling from City University of Seattle. In their spare time, find Sarah Anne in the dance studio, hiking in the forest with her corgi Willow and studying to be a Somatic Sex Educator.

Sarah head shot.jpg

CT Moon (they/them)

Area: Greater Seattle, WA

Willing to travel +/- 150 miles


CT’s work at is founded on the belief that creating a new culture while living in this one requires a skillset that must be cultivated within individuals, relationships, and organizations. Their practice fosters self-connection, clear seeing, and deliberate action within a framework of building relational trust through explicit consent. They are thrilled to facilitate Creating Consent Culture Workshops for your organization.

CT Moon Bio Photo.jpg

Liz Ray (she/her)

Area: Lisbon, Portugal

Willing to travel: Portugal, Spain, Morocco


Liz is an intimacy coach and relational bodyworker with a background in arts and A PHD in education. She has a private practice for individuals and couples coaching, and offers workshops for older teens and adults in the guided practice of consent and communication skills. She is on the faculty of the Institute of Relational Harmony Studies based in Portugal, and is an avid participant in the worldwide ecstatic dance community.

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Patrick's pic.jpg

Patrick McManus (He/Him)

Area: Orlando, FL, United States


willing to travel: Florida, Possible Georgia & Carolinas. 


Patrick is a K thru 12 educator who has previously worked with the Junior Achievement Program. Throughout his education he has been a peer mentor and he is passionate about teaching consent and boundaries to youth. Patrick believes that everyone has a role in creating spaces in which others can be their authentic selves. He has a bachelor of science degree in Psychology from UCF. Patrick enjoys video games and his two cats, Sherlock and Queen Isis.

Rosalie Chevalley 

Area : Vancouver, Canada | Lausanne, Switzerland


Rosalie (they/them) is a facilitator and trainer. They have been leading groups and learners for over a decade (both in French and in English). Working in a small consulting company now they deliver workshops around people skills.

They have worked with youth as a teacher but also individually to support them during difficult times. Passionate about consent, they have been educating themselves with the School of Consent since 2020.

Rosalie is a joyful queer educator who will always try to bring colors and creativity to the conversation.

Rosalie Chevalley pic.jpg

Coline Cadoret (she/her)

Area: currently Vienna, Austria 

Willing to travel in Europe and further 


Coline is a qualified language teacher and she has been working in middle and high school for over 10 years. Seeing firsthand what teenagers are asking from their teachers and trusted adults, she has been educating herself on the topics of consent and comprehensive sexuality education - focusing on intersectionality and societal power dynamics relating to gender, race, sexual orientation, and disability. She strives to give space for conversations around needs, boundaries, and healthy communication with her students and colleagues alike. She wants to continue to empower children and she believes that true human connections can only be achieved by putting consent at the heart of all of our interactions. She is looking forward to facilitating tailored workshops around this fascinating topic for any audience. 

Profile Picture CC.jpeg

Tine Van De Looverbosch(she/they)

Area: Ghent, Belgium


Willing to travel Further afield when supported to do so.


Tine started their own sex education company, called Ontbloot. She focuses on joy, queerness, knowledge, and sex positivity. They're great at facilitating meaningful interactions and mindshifting conversations. Tine also has a business called Clitsawonderfulworld, which she uses to spread information about pleasure, gender, and clitoris' through illustrations. With the Creating Consent Culture workshops they aim to spread concrete and nuanced tools to learn about boundaries and communication. You can hire Tine to teach about consent to children, and to adults.

Young Professor

More Facilitators coming soon!

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