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We offer a variety of Trainings, from workshops for students, to certification trainings for facilitators.

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"As a sexual health educator, the exercises in the workshop are very helpful. They support students to feel heard, start conversations, and practice articulating their needs in a fun way.”

In a world, where consent education in schools, is at best, a one shot type of presentation, this workshop offers alternatives to support a whole, joyful consent culture shift that centers belonging, connection, safety, dignity, and autonomy."

                                                                                      - Grace Alavaro Caligtan, Sexual Health Educator


March Workshops!

Join me at Earth Labs in San Fransisco on March 23rd for two hours of fun and learning!


Would educators at your school or organization like more training before leading these exercises themselves? Our one day trainings allow you to become more familiar with how to lead the workshop most effectively, so that you can spread consent education lessons throughout the school year, and become an ongoing resource for creating consent culture in your schools or groups.

Image by Jen Theodore

Would you like to become a Consent Culture Intro Workshop Facilitator?

Are you someone who:

  • Is passionate about consent education?

  • Likes to work with young people?

  • Feels comfortable with leading groups?

  • Has some experience with facilitating, teaching, or leading groups?

Then being a Consent Culture Intro facilitator might be for you!

Currently we are teaching certification courses online. The next course is slated for April and May of 2022, and is only open to people with specific facilitation experience. 

For more information about the Spring 2022 certification course:

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