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Great new interview From the wonderful podcasters at
sex ed Book Review!
Listen here!


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No Grey zone Podcast

Listen to my conversation with Kathryn Marsh, a career prosecutor specializing in child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and other power based crimes.  They are also a co-founder of Right Response Consulting, an agency that provides training and in the areas of sexual assault, sexual harassment and human trafficking. I really enjoyed our talk!

(About a Half hour)

Great new podcast interview about Consent in the Workplace!

I so enjoyed speaking with Brandon Laws about how we can use

consent skills to improve the workplace culture.

(About a half hour)

You can  listen to it here.


I so enjoyed this interview
on the show "What if?" on
Kootenay co-op radio!

co op radio image.JPG

I was honored to be featured on the same episode with Sinixt Matriarch Marilyn James, who speaks on Truth, reconciliation, and being in right relationship with the land.

I really enjoyed this conversation with kate REger of the Humanitarian Entrepreneur Podcast on how consent and systemic inequity are related, and more...
(About a Half hour)

Listen here

Humanitarian Entrepreneur Podcast.jpg

Great new Podcast interview with Francesca Liberatore of
Consent-based everything!

Listen Here

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Wild and Precious Conversations


On Jan 18th, I had a great conversation with Wendy of the "wild and Precious conversations" podcast!
(About An hour)


Listen to Candace Olusola and I talk about how I got here!  (About 45 minutes)

Wonderful Podcast Interview.jpg

I really enjoyed this interview with Joanna Piros on her  podcast Take two about consent culture in business


My interview in The Uplifting Podcast, about all things consent, and why I do what I do. (About 30 minutes.)

My interview in Naaree Talk, about my work in India and everywhere and anywhere. (About 30 minutes.)

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