Our book, Creating Consent Culture: A Handbook for Educators, is available for pre-order now ... 

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No Grey zone Podcast

Listen to my conversation with Kathryn Marsh, a career prosecutor specializing in child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and other power based crimes.  They are also a co-founder of Right Response Consulting, an agency that provides training and in the areas of sexual assault, sexual harassment and human trafficking. I really enjoyed our talk!


Wild and Precious Conversations


On Jan 18th, I had a great conversation with Wendy of the "wild and Precious conversations" podcast!


Listen to Candace Olusola and I talk about how I got here!

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My interview in The Uplifting Podcast, about all things consent, and why I do what I do. About 30 minutes.

My interview in Naaree Talk, about my work in India and everywhere and anywhere. About 30 minutes.