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This three hour workshop is a unique way to bring consent education to your classroom or youth group. Appropriate for youth aged 10 and up, the fun and interactive exercises create a safer space for young people to learn tools for better interactions before they are in more high stakes situations. Our certified facilitators lead youth through embodied experiences which help them to:

  • Become more comfortable saying “No”.

  • Become more comfortable hearing “No”.

  • Learn what to do when they are a “Maybe”.

  • Become more effective at asking for what they want.

  • Become an upstander, rather than a bystander

  • Learn how to use these skills online.

  • Practice these skills safely

  • Increase their relational intelligence.

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"Consent is so important to healthy interactions and relationships of all types! But actually learning to say yes, say no, and embody consent is often harder than it sounds. These exercise break things down in ways that are easy to digest, playful, and fun. I’ve used them in a number of different contexts and it’s remarkably gratifying to watch people start to get it, and then hear about their “aha” moments."


                                                                                                                                                                    ~ Matthew Carroll, Facilitator

What Participant's Learn in the Consent culture Intro workshop:

Many people struggle with saying no.Participants will be guided through fun partnered and  group exercises in which they will practice saying no and yes.  individual exercises help bring clarity to the process of determining whether you are an authentic no or an authentic yes.

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How to Graciously Accept Other's Boundaries

Even more of us struggle with hearing no! This is an important key to Consent Culture. When we move beyond seeing "no" as a personal attack and instead see it as an honoring of self, we can create safety for everyone to be true to their authentic wants and needs. Participants enjoy learning ways to make others feel more comfortable to express themselves.

Consent is collaboration

Participants have fun practicing the skills they have learned in paired and group exercises. They emerge as proud innovators and role models of Consent Culture in their families and communities.

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"I am so grateful that I got to experience this Consent Culture Intro workshop. Learning what to do when I'm not sure whether I want to say "yes" or "no" to someone's request was invaluable. If only I had learned this stuff much earlier in life! But better late than never. Thank you so much for this workshop.”

~ Jasmine Love