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Creating Consent Culture is a company that was formed for the purpose of delivering the Consent Culture Intro Workshop far and wide, as quickly as possible.


Our mission is to bring consent culture to the world, one workshop at a time. We aim to provide the most effective and enjoyable consent education tools and to be part of a global shift to a more collaborative, kind and compassionate world.


Our core values are to offer trauma-informed, affordable, anti-racist, anti-sexist, culturally sensitive and equitable training that will uplift, engage, and inspire.

We strive to always:

  • Work from a culture of inclusion, compassion and kindness,

  • Provide a valuable learning experience to all who are interested,

  • Act with integrity and care, in a trauma-informed way,

  • Remain committed to contributing to a more collaborative and equitable world, including within our own management.

Image by Tim Mossholder


As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I know what it is to have one’s boundaries broken and be left with a shattered sense of personal autonomy. That is why I'm passionate about preventing this kind of damage by teaching consent skills to humans aged 10 to 110.


In this life I have been a mother, an author and a business owner, as well as holding down a full time career in a male dominated industry. Several years ago a health crisis brought my busy life to a standstill. My healing journey taught me to slow down and love myself. Finding consent education was the next key in my process of putting my broken boundaries back together and treating myself with respect and compassion.

I feel an urgency to foster new ways of being in the world, with ourselves, and in our interactions with each other. As more of us become creators of consent culture, we can build a kinder and more caring world.


I would like to acknowledge that I am a white settler living and working on the shared, traditional, ancestral and unceded  territories of the Tsawwassen, Musqueam, and other Coast Salish Peoples. I wrote the book and developed the workshop and spent most of my adult life living on the unceded and stolen territory of the Sinixt. The Sinixt were illegally declared extinct by the Canadian government in 1956. Despite this, the Sinixt continue to live and work on their territory, stewarding and protecting the land, educating the settler community, and fighting for their sovereign rights.


I am committed to decolonization and I celebrate the creation of consent culture as part of that process. 

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“Erica Scott is a thoughtful advocate for consent culture and her workshops are informative and refreshingly playful. Her message is straightforward and heartfelt, and delivered with humor, compassion, and a great deal of empathy and care. Participating in her workshop gives educators, organizers, and all types of participants at varying degrees of knowledge about consent culture space to ask questions, to question assumptions, and to develop vocabulary and tools for creating respectful relationships and environments for all. I was impressed with Erica's personal dedication to educating and broadening the scope of conversations about consent. Her proactive and compassionate voice would be an asset to any school, workplace, event or community hoping to create respectful dialogue and mutual understanding around issues of consent." 

                                                                                                                                                                                     – Vivian Best, Feldenkrais Practitioner

picture of Vivian Best
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