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This two hour workshop is a new and unique way to improve the work culture for your employees.

Prevention is much more economical than repair, lawsuits, and loss of valued employees. We want to help your business to prevent avoidable consent violations and accidents that can occur through miscommunications or a lack of education. The fun and interactive exercises throughout the workshop will increase relational intelligence within your workforce and lead to better workplace interactions and a positive work culture.


The exercises and discussions we lead foster empathy and understanding, and provide practical tools for navigating interpersonal dynamics and avoiding miscommunication pitfalls.

“Erica Scott is a thoughtful advocate for consent culture and her workshops are informative and refreshingly playful. Her message is straightforward and heartfelt, and delivered with humor, compassion, and a great deal of empathy and care. Participating in her workshop gives educators, organizers, and all types of participants at varying degrees of knowledge about consent culture space to ask questions, to question assumptions, and to develop vocabulary and tools for creating respectful relationships and environments for all. I was impressed with Erica's personal dedication to educating and broadening the scope of conversations about consent. Her proactive and compassionate voice would be an asset to any school, workplace, event or community hoping to create respectful dialogue and mutual understanding around issues of consent."


                                                 ~ Vivian Best, Community Organizer & Ted Talk Speaker

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how to communicate for a collaborative experience

People enjoy learning active listening and checking in skills as well as a set of tools that allow for healthier and more empathic interactions.

Image by Drahomír Posteby-Mach
Image by Gemma Evans

How to Graciously Accept Other's Boundaries

Many of us struggle with hearing no graciously. Learning how to appreciate the boundaries of others can create more safety for everyone. Participants enjoy practicing ways to make others feel more comfortable to clearly express their boundaries and needs.

collaborating for success

Participants have fun practicing the skills they have learned in paired and group exercises and emerge as a more cohesive team. With a shared foundation for improved communication and understanding, issues which arise can be navigated with more ease.

Group Seflie

video Testimonial

A short video on one of the benefits of the workshop for people in business

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"There are certain events, conversations and interactions that profoundly impact how we show up and have the ability to change our perception of the world. This was my experience of The Consent Culture Intro Workshop. The experience has greatly affected the newfound clarity I have regarding my yes's and my no's, and my ability to truly hear and accept others." 


                                                                                                    – Danyale Thomas Ross, Life Coach

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