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A 90 minute course for parents

the fun way to model and talk consent
With your teens

For Parents, caregivers, and youth leaders

Parent Talking to Teen

Help your kids learn
consent skills such as:

  • What to do when you're a maybe

  • How to check in with yourself to know what you want

  • Hearing "No" graciously

  • Saying "No" confidently

  • Asking for what you want clearly

  • Feeling confident to change your mind

  • How to recognize enthusiasm, or a lack of it

  • How to recognize the Freeze Response

Talking to your teens and tweens about consent doesn't have to hard or painful! Learn fun exercises and games to share at home!

What happens in the Mini course?

  • Learn how you can model consent - one of the most important ways to teach these skills

  • Learn fun exercises and discussion prompts to use with your teens

  • Learn how to communicate clearly about this topic and more

  • Learn how to navigate your teen's changing boundaries

  • Ask questions

Here is a short video clip of one of these exercises:

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