Spring certification course - april/may

This condensed course will only be offered to people with a background in facilitation or education. Because it is a shortened course for qualified participants it's being offered at half price. It includes:

  • 8 sessions for instruction and sharing

  • An extra interactive session with an AI program that simulates facilitation

  • An anti racism component

  • A trauma informed component

  • An intake and exit interview

  • The opportunity for supportive collaboration moving forward

Anaya Lambert

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Anaya Lambert (she/they) is a first generation Black Guyanese-Canadian and Queer woman of color.


Anaya is an anti racism and equity consultant, educator and outdoor enthusiast who centers trauma informed practices, disability justice and helping organizations and corporations to build and implement equitable structures and policy across all sectors - with special attention to the Outdoor Education/Recreation industry. As a trained Theater of the Oppressed (TO) Joker, Anaya uses games, theater exercises and principles of somatics to facilitate unlearning and learning.


You can often find Anaya birding, wood splitting, gardening or facilitating online from her quaint home - located on Autonomous Sinixt territory in rural British Columbia, Canada.

Trauma Informed instructor

About trauma informed instructor

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Marcia Baczynski

Marcia Baczynski(she/her) is the co-author of Creating Consent Culture: A Handbook For Educators, and a sexual communication coach, co-founder of Cuddle Party, and CEO of Asking For What You Want with over 17 years of experience. Marcia is a sought-after presenter at conferences across North America and a teacher for the School of Consent.

Erica Scott

Erica Scott(they/her) is the co-author of Creating Consent Culture: A Handbook For Educators, and the creator of the Consent Culture Intro Workshop. They will be your guide throughout this course and do everything in their power for you to feel prepared to facilitate the workshop by the end of the course.

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Introductory Interview - We will go over your application together and discuss what you hope to gain from the course, and whether this course is right for you. Once we decide that you are in the right place, I will work with you until you feel confident to facilitate the workshop.


Session 1 - introduction, lay out course, assign consent mind map and duel entry journal. Marcia Baczynski will offer her expertise as we review facilitation basics, being prepared, self care, intention vs. expectation, mandated reporting, land acknowledgements, group agreements, partnering. Modelling consent based approaches. Self compassion for what the work may bring up for you.  Aha moments to share. Questions.


Session 2 - Going deep on consent and consent culture. Leaving the permissive model behind and moving into collaboration between people with similar proximity to power. Privilege/Power wheel, Power differentials, manipulation and the fawn response. We will experience and discuss the No exercises. Why it’s hard to say and hear No. Red flag demonstration. Addressing disappointment or feelings of rejection. How gendered socialization does and does not impact this collaborative process. Aha moments to share. Questions.


Session 3 - What if I’m a maybe? Why we doubt ourselves. Body check ins(active and seated). When Maybe is a No. Want, willing, and Enthusiastic. The Habitual Yes. Changing boundaries are normal. You can always change your mind. Demonstrating boundary zones. Yes yes no exercises. Finding shared meaning is essential to collaboration. Clear communication, curiosity, open ended questions, active listening.  Greeting exercises. Aha moments to share. Questions.


Session 4 - Anti racist facilitation taught by Anaya Lambert. Prioritizing marginalized students. Navigating racist comments between students. Exploring your own biases and triggers.  Questions.


Session 5 - Being able to ask for what you want is essential to collaboration. Marcia Baczynski will share her expertise as we discuss why asking for what you want is hard. Too much and not enough. Desire smuggling. You still get to have boundaries/change your mind. Have people do the exercise and unpack it.  Homework to research the freeze response and Hollaback!. Aha moments to share. Questions.


Session 6 - A trauma informed education expert will go over the foundations of trauma informed facilitation. Edges and grounding techniques. Four levels of trauma/fundamental social needs and bargaining behaviors.  Body brain trauma response/ threat responses. Aha moments to share. Questions.


Session 7 - Freeze Response, and Backup not Backlash. Ending victim blaming and shaming. Punitive vs. restorative justice. Talk about Transformative justice. Consent accidents and accountability. Intentions vs. impact. Upstanders vs. Bystanders. Everyone makes mistakes, what do you do next? The anatomy of an apology. Aha moments to share. Questions.


Session 8 - Taking it online/ ending interactions. How to apply these skills online, Why am I sharing this? De-escalation, upstanding online, did they ask for advice? Discussion. When is the hug over? Reading body language. Consent is not one and done. Practice practice practice. Aha moments to share. Wrap up with review, questions, second consent mind map, sharing of personal lessons learned. Self compassion for what the work  may bring up for you. Aha moments to share. Questions.


AI Simulation Session - with a smaller breakout group you will have an opportunity to interact with an AI simulation of youth, practicing things such as handling disclosure, hard questions, and heckling, without fear of causing harm.


Exit Interview - A chance for each of us to give and receive feedback and to discuss ways that I can support you as a Consent Culture Intro facilitator going forward.

This course will normally be offered for $1800, but because this is the first one and compressed for people who are already facilitators, I'm offering it for only $900