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This book will guide you step by step on how to use fun and interactive exercises to create a culture of consent in your classrooms or youth groups. Learn how to give young people valuable tools and skills for navigating interactions now and in the future.

Released January 21st, 2022.

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Wherever you are in your process, practicing Consent Culture skills will help you to better navigate these complexities. We can’t solve all of these issues tomorrow, but we can use our compassion and Consent Culture tools to build better relationships and prevent future harm.


 Fighting an old paradigm can be overwhelming and exhausting. But creating a new culture is fun, inspiring and exciting. This is the beauty of this handbook. The interactive and self-exploratory exercises are fun and illuminating. The insights that people gain from doing them begin conversations that spread throughout their social circles. And each exercise is a simple tool for each of us to begin practicing new skills for creating Consent Culture.




So, what is Consent Culture? We address this with an entire chapter, but the short definition is a culture in which interactions are collaborative, and as mutually agreeable as possible. In Consent Culture, people feel in control of their own bodily autonomy and boundaries. They feel free to change those boundaries at any time according to their individual desires and needs. Consent Culture is about having respect and compassion for ourselves and all others. 


To get from here to there, we have to unlearn some things, and we need to practice new skills until they come naturally. This is where experiential education comes in. Being in a room where Consent Culture is the norm, even for a few hours, can transform people’s perceptions quickly.


 In this book, we are focusing on bodily autonomy as the foundation of learning about Consent Culture. Most of our examples will be about exploring the ways a person can interact with their body. As you continue to explore the nuances of consent, you may find many other areas where the lessons of consent are applicable and where respecting the other and finding agreement is a valuable way to proceed. This book is a basic overview of many common areas where Consent Culture can begin to be built.


"What a wonderful world it would be if every person attended a workshop based on these exercises! With this book, the nuances of understanding and creating consent culture feel truly accessible, inclusive, and informative, and these exercises could be life-changing for participants and facilitators alike. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to make the world a better place."

-  Cheryl Bradshaw, Registered Psychotherapist, MA, B.Ed - TEDx Speaker and Author of Real Talk About Sex and Consent: What Every Teen Needs to Know



“This is the best book on consent I have ever read! (and I have read a lot.) Not only do Erica and Marcia give you the principles, they give examples of how it works and what to actually say. Invaluable!"


-Dr. Betty Martin, author of The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent

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This online course will be a visual complement to the book. There will be demonstrations of what the exercises look like, facilitation tips, and examples of how to navigate things going sideways in a group.

We hope to have this online course available by summer of 2022.

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